Writing on the Run

How to Write Anywhere and Everywhere is the title of an article by Allen and Linda Anderson.

William Faulkner overturned a wheelbarrow in his university’s power plant and wrote the novel As I Lay Dying on that makeshift desk between classes. P.G. Wodehouse got fired from his job as a bank teller when he was caught writing a short story on a financial ledger. While working in a pharmacy, Agatha Christie took notes about poisons to use later in her murder mysteries.

The article lays out the benefits of writing anywhere and lists numerous odd spots where well-known writers have worked, i.e. bathroom, laundry room, an open office wearing ear buds, while commuting, a doctor’s waiting room, etc.

The authors of the article developed a system for writing anywhere and everywhere and called it Writing on the Run. To subscribe to the free “Writing on the Run Tip of the Week” or contribute a 100 word tip, go to www.writingontherun.com Writer’s Digest Magazine named this web site as one of the “101 Best Websites for Writers.”



3 Responses to “Writing on the Run”

  1. Magazine » Writing on the Run Says:

    […] Songwriters Tip Jar wrote an interesting post today on Writing on the RunHere’s a quick excerpt … com Writer’s Digest Magazine named this web site as one of the “101 Best Websites for Writers. ”… […]

  2. Corinne C. Says:

    Oh, I write at work all the time! Of course, I’m not supposed to, but my job is so deadly dull, and easy, I can usually get away with doing some writing on the sly. I also write in the mornings on my way to work. I take an express bus into the city, so I have at least an hour to ruminate. I also do some writing when I’m relaxing at Starbucks, sipping a Chai! 🙂

  3. Helen Says:


    Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow….

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