Free Tech Tools for Songwriters

Here’s a quick list of free tech tools that can help with the various stages of songwriting: lyrics, creativity, recording, production, etc. I’ll post again with more tools that are either free, cheap or well worth the cost. has a free interactive online guitar tuner
Use this tuner online or download it to your computer. Available in both Mac and PC versions.

Freemind is a “mind mapping” tool, available for Mac, Windows and Linux.…p?group_id=7118

Check out Scott Ainslie’s site for one of the best, easy to understand explanations of playing in non-standard tunings that I’ve heard. Free downloads of pdfs including Sacred Geometry of Open Tunings, Music Theory for Guitarists, Sacred Geometry of Standard Tuning and more.

Free recording software
This web site states: “Turn your computer into a complete recording studio – for nothing. Amazingly, some very good recording software is available for free. We have hand-picked the best free recording software for you.” An online dictionary and thesaurus, plus language resources and more. Free software tools that work with and An online rhyming dictionary. Here’s another one:

ChordPhobia for Mac OS X Learn about chords, listen to chords, learn to identify chords by ear.


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4 Responses to “Free Tech Tools for Songwriters”

  1. Corinne C. Says:

    Thanks for the site info!

  2. Scott Ainslie Says:

    I just stumbled across your link to our site and wanted to thank you for the kind words and the referral. I am continuing to put up other pdf documents as I get them sorted and created. It is a kindness to me and to your visitors to compile these resources for them.

    Thank you,


  3. sandy Says:

    Very useful info,thanks,at least I can now get started!!!!!!!!!

  4. lessonsthatrock Says:

    Check out this free online guitar tuner as well:

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