Can’t Finish Your Songs?

Many people report that they have this problem – they have no trouble starting songs, but finishing them seems nearly impossible. This happens to me. I’ll write a truly inspired (IMHO) verse and then all creative thought shuts down and I come to a dead standstill.

Fortunately, I discovered a way to make it work for me. Instead of forcing myself to finish (although sometimes that’s what it takes) or beating up on myself, I’ll take a different approach. I’ll concede that today is not a good day for completing songs, but it IS a good day for starting songs.

In fact, I’ll say to myself, “Today is a great day to be starting lots of songs,” or “My greatest strength today lies in starting songs,” etc. You get the picture. This puts me back in a positive frame of mind and allows me to take control of the situation.

Some other day will find me unable to start a song, but I won’t need to, because I’ll have so many already started and just waiting for their endings.



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