How to start writing every day

If you agree that writing every day is key to becoming a better writer, but still have a block about it, here are some tools you can use.

My favorite tool is journaling. It’s more or less free writing with no rules and no expectations. You can start by writing your name or a phrase like, ‘today I’m feeling…’ Anything to get that pencil moving on the page. Don’t try to rhyme or write in full sentences. It doesn’t have to be original or profound. It doesn’t have to make sense. Just let it flow, stream of consciousness style. You can find info on journaling online.

Other tools

After journaling, I use a variety of tools to stimulate writing. It’s similar to journaling in that it’s not about what you write, it’s all about getting started. Once you start, it’s easier to keep writing.

To get you started, I’ll give you a random list of things to write about. Use a different one each day. Look at the topic and immediately write down the first thing that comes to mind. Then you could write everything you know about that topic or you could veer off into an idea that is triggered by something you wrote. It doesn’t have to be related to the original topic. Here are seven random topics for your first week of journaling:

  • peas
  • lightning
  • tenderness
  • shopping
  • humidity
  • cross country travel
  • games

Take each one and let your mind wander. And if you start writing about something completely different, that’s completely OK. The point is to get started. The point is to make it a habit to write every day. It revs your creative juices. Feel free to move from there into writing songs every day and if you get stuck, go back to journaling.

Here’s another seven random words and phrases. It’s good if some of them are things that you don’t normally think about in your daily life:

  • shark
  • watermelon
  • running
  • freeze
  • grass
  • ooze
  • lips

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