An Unsingable Song

We recommend hiring a singer for your demo recordings and not sing on the demos yourself, unless you happen to be a professional singer and you have the perfect voice for this particular song. But that’s a whole ‘nuther post.

Whoever sings on your demo is going to have the power to make or break your song. The singer can deliver it with feeling and really sell it, or can do a so-so, half-fast job. One of your jobs as a songwriter (if you’re writing songs for others to sing) is to write a melody that enables the singer to give their best performance.

It is easy to write melodies that are virtually unsingable. It’s especially easy to do if you are not a singer or if you write melodies outside your own vocal range.

If you write an extremely challenging melody (very high or low notes, difficult intervals, etc.) your singer may not be inspired to give 110%. However, if you put yourself in the singer’s shoes and write a reasonably singable melody, your demo will have a much better chance of getting heard.



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