Improve your mood

Are you able to achieve the feel or mood that you’re after in your song? Does it groove the way you want it to, or is it not quite right? Here’s a way to get ideas that you can use or modify, as desired.

Go to the iTunes Store, CD Baby or a similar site where you can listen to free song snippets. Find some songs in the same general genre as your song. By listening to the feel of other songs, you can get ideas for improvements to your songs (to both the arrangement and the song itself). Search for a particular song by genre — rock/pop/jazz/Latin/whatever.

Here’s an example. If you like Brazilian music, the Jobim song “The Waters of March” (Aguas de Marco) has been recorded by many people. Others’ interpretations of that one tune offer a wide array of ‘feels’ within the genre.

You may find a styling you want to emulate, or you could be inspired to create something totally different. This exercise will open your mind to possibilities you hadn’t considered before — instrumentation, arrangements, vocal harmonies, recording techniques, and so on. Since the song snippets are short, you can cover a lot of ground quickly and get ideas that will improve your groove.


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