All paths to a finished song are valid

How do you write songs? Currently on the STJ forum, that question is being answered by a variety of songwriters. It seems everyone has their own unique methods, their own favorite ways of getting it done.

Somebody else’s method may seem odd or not applicable to you. But there also may be a gem in there that will help you. And your unique way of getting from start to finish may help someone else.

How do you do it? Where do you start? And how do you move to the next step and the one after that? How do you get from a tiny spark, an inkling of an idea, all the way through the creative bursts, the editing, the rewriting, the waste bin full of crumpled papers, the dark night of doubt, and all the way to the place where you have a complete song that you’re proud of?

Check out the thread called all paths to a finished song are valid for specifics. And if you have a method that works for you, leave a post. Or leave a comment here on the blog (click Comments» below).


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One Response to “All paths to a finished song are valid”

  1. BigBan Says:

    Oh, Thanks! Really funny. Big ups!

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