Creativity in the real world

Sometimes the problem isn’t writer’s block as much as a lack of something to say. Maybe that’s just another type of writer’s block. We can get so focused on writing, rewriting, arranging, recording and working the business that we forget we belong in the world community, to live life, have relationships and experience the real world.

We need to stay in touch with day to day emotions, the stuff of real life, if for no other reason than to give us something to write about. Don’t stop writing about love and truth and war and the big stuff. But don’t ignore all the little stuff, even unpleasant stuff like long lines, dirty diapers and irritating phone trees.

After all, your songs can’t all be about songwriting or the music business.

This is why I think being a part-time songwriter is not such a bad thing. If you have a day job and/or kids, you have a built-in source of emotional ups and downs, real life issues and problems, tragedy and comedy, the real nitty gritty.


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