Your best asset as a songwriter is your curiosity about the people and the world around you. Re-awaken it.

Much like an infant, you absorb everything you see, feel, hear, touch and smell. You are fascinated by what makes people tick, how systems work, the vast beauty of nature and tiny details everywhere.

Keep your eyes and ears open, as well as your heart and mind, as you go about your daily business. If you listen carefully, there’s a song in every stranger you see, in every conversation fragment you overhear and in every personal interaction you have.

Yes, even when you get a speeding ticket or you stub your toe, even when your boyfriend drops you or your wife leaves you, and even when your children sass you and your boss fires you. These are all songs waiting to be written.

Your best asset is your curiosity. Re-awaken it.

When you’re in a store or restaurant, talk to the clerk, waiter or waitress. Really look them in the eye and listen to what they have to say. Often they will be on automatic pilot, just doing their job mindlessly. But occasionally, you will engage them, make a connection and have a real conversation. Remember the way they talk, the way they look and they way they think. Any one of these things can be the seed of your next song.

Read novels. Read the newspaper. Take the long way home.

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