Saving your brilliant ideas; Organizing quotations

Most songwriters carry a notebook of some kind to jot down ideas for songs and song titles. Others like to carry a small tape recorder to save melodic ideas, riffs and rhythms. Perhaps the high tech among us do it on a PDA, a personal digital assistant, I don’t know. Do whatever works for you. However you do it, finding a method for saving your brilliant song ideas is critical.

I recently discovered another source of ideas: quotations. And there’s a very easy way to get them. I subscribe to a free daily inspirational email quote service from the Mary Manin Morrissey organization.

There are many such free services, this is just my personal favorite. For examle, there’s one called Quote World. If you know of any that are particularly good for songwriting ideas, let us know by clicking on the comment link below (where it says No Comments »).

Frequently I’ll read a quote that I think would make a good seed idea for a song. I could get out a pen and write the quote in my notebook to keep it with the rest of my ideas. But instead I created a folder in my email software. I called the folder Song Ideas. Now it’s fast and easy to organize these gems.

For me, it’s convenient to have a quick place to save these emails. I don’t even have to cut and paste, I just drag the email to the Song Ideas folder.

Another place to save short items like quotations and title ideas is in a Word (or any word processor) file. Just copy and paste (or type them) and you’ll soon have a boatload of material, all easily accessible on one or more pages, and of course searchable, using the word processor’s search function.


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