Songwriting exercise

Here’s an off the wall exercise. Assign yourself the task of writing a song, using a metaphor as the starting point.

Rather than starting with a brilliant insight and then finding a suitable metaphor to fit, let’s say you haven’t divined any insights today. So take any hackneyed metaphor (see below) or devise an original one and construct a song around it.

Remember it’s just an exercise, so don’t feel pressured to write the next platinum single.

To get you started, I’ll list a few images.

– cards, games of chance, gambling and luck
– moving, travel, trains, journey, quest
– water, ocean
– silence, stillness, quiet
– hunger, thirst, yearning
– baseball, soccer (football)
– light and dark
– falling
– aiming, shooting
– fireworks
– dancing, skating
– standing in line, waiting in traffic
– snowfall, blizzard
– mining for coal, gold

Let us know if you find this exercise helpful, and if you have any that work for you — we’d love to hear about them! Even if you feel this was a useless exercise, we want to hear it. So click the Comments » link below.


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