Tap into inspiration

Would you like to get in the habit of writing songs, and have good ideas coming to you on a regular basis?  Try this exercise for at least a few weeks.  It’s guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing, and doesn’t cost you but a little time.  You may find that it becomes a habit that stays with you for life!

For an uninterrupted hour every morning (or afternoon or evening), sit down by yourself with a notebook.  Write the words “Song Ideas” (or something similar) at the top of the first blank page and then ask yourself these questions, 

“What social causes do I believe in?”

“Who are my heroes”

“What do I know for sure?

“What is my destiny?”

“What would I change about my past, if anything?” and

“Where do I get my biggest satisfactions in life?”

Start writing down anything and everything that comes to you, even if it seems silly — don’t judge.  Get as many ideas as you can in your hour.  Don’t be concerned if you only get one or two on your first try.  We are trying to get a creative channel to open, and then get into the habit of tapping into it.

Another question you can ask, to get things started is:

“What have I expressed in a song before that I would like to express in a new or more powerful way?”

This hour will soon prove to be fruitful in itself, but there’s an added benefit.  Once you start the process of tapping into your creativity for one hour a day, you will find that ideas continue to come to you all throughout the day as well.

Now that you’ve switched on your mind in this powerful way, it will continue to work on the challenges you’ve given it!  You’ve opened the floodgates and they won’t shut off.

Think about it…our minds are, without a doubt, the most awesome and powerful tool there ever was!  I believe we are connected to a limitless field of genius, of power, of beauty, and of all possibilities from which the greatest accomplishments of man have their beginnings.  Tap into it!

Let us know if you find this exercise helpful, and if you have any that work for you — we’d love to hear about them!

Submitted by Robert Cote


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