Soundtrack of your life

A wise young woman I know recently got romantically involved with a singer/songwriter. A few months later she reported, “when you’re involved with a songwriter, you get a soundtrack to your life.”

She was referring to the fact that her boyfriend (now husband) wrote a song about their love, another one about their engagement and so on. Reminds me of a cool song called “Will You Marry Me, Mary Kay?,” written by another talented singer/songwriter, Steve Ducey. He performed it “live” as his way of proposing.

We songwriters are journalists, in a way, because we report on our lives, our culture and current events. Specifically, we are columnists, since we don’t just report objectively, we write subjectively, revealing our feelings and opinions about the subjects of our songs.

As you look for subject material to write about, use your feelings about current events and family milestones (such as births, deaths and marriages). The stronger you feel about the subject, the better chance it will be an effective song.


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