My robot co-writer

Drums on Demand, a maker of drum and percussion loop sets, now sells something called My Co-Writer™. Has anyone tried this?

Here’s what it says on their website:

A great tool for songwriters at all levels, each volume of My Co-Writer™ features original music tracks ready for YOUR melody and lyrics. These royalty-free Song Starts™ are professionally produced, live backing tracks that provide a great foundation for your own composition. It’s like having an out-of-town collaborator serving up great songs for you to finish. Because the tracks were specifically written and recorded without significant melodic hooks, they will inspire your own unique melody — not dictate one. So every song you write will be fundamentally different from someone else with the same Song Start. Plus, if you’re a musician, adding your own instrumentation or mix can make yours a totally unique production. My Co-Writer is a great tool for everyone from novice songwriters, to seasoned composers, to instrumentalists who need a live backing band to jam with.

Their site features lots of samples you can listen to, so you get a very clear picture of what they’re offering. Each My Co-Writer™ volume starts at $32.95 and includes 16 or more fully produced ‘songs,’ that is, full band tracks with no vocals nor instrumental melody.

Is this cheating? I guess it’s an option for lyricists and melody writers who don’t play an instrument. What do you think?

I’ve purchased drum loops from Drums on Demand and I highly recommend them, but I have not yet tried My Co-Writer. It’s a whole nuther animal.


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