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Not all of us have the luxury of being full time songwriters. Many of us have day jobs, as well as time and energy-consuming responsibilities to family, community and elsewhere. If your goal is to become a successful songwriter and you are passionately committed to it, try to incorporate writing into other areas of your life.

One example is keeping a journal, something we’ve recommended in the past. Another is writing in your day job. Ideally you do some type of writing in your day job, at least an occasional business letter or report.

The more you write, the better you’ll get, whether it’s prose, poetry, non-fiction, journalism, children’s books or the community newsletter. And the better you get at the written word, the better and more facile a lyric writer you’ll become.

Another way to incorporate songwriting into daily life is to be observant. Observe everything around you – nature, people, weather, noises. When you overhear people talking, jot down anything that brings to mind a subject that seems ripe for a song. Jot down any phrase that seems musical or poignant or powerful or funny.

Rather than letting your mind wander to your TO DO list or your current worries, instead focus on remaining alert to what’s happening around you and to you and with you right now. Being ‘in the moment’ like this is a sure fire way to gather song ideas.


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