Mere man vs mighty mouse

Did you ever find yourself overwhelmed by events? I mean those pesky little (and not so little) house projects that seem to hit all at the same time?

In the last two weeks, we’ve had hundreds of gallons of water in the basement and our furnace and backup heat pump both stopped working. None of these were caused by or related to the others and there is a reasonable explanation for each.

Now I’m not complaining. My heart goes out to those who really suffered from recent flooding and other natural disasters. Despite the inconveniences, our little surprises didn’t do much damage or cost a lot to fix (OK, the long term solution to the leaky basement did cost a pretty penny). Fortunately, we didn’t get water damage because we were able to suck it up as fast as it flowed in, by running a Wet Vac around the clock.

But I’d rather spend my time writing songs. Duh! So as soon as it all slowed down, I was able to complete a draft of a song about another pesky house problem: a rodent infestation. Yes, we have mice in the garage. No, the house cats have no interest, so I’m on my own here.

Perhaps there’s a song about floods waiting in the wings, who knows? The point is, life isn’t all roses and our songs reflect what’s on our minds at any given time. I hope I can bring some laughter with my tale of mere man versus mighty mouse.


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