Where DO those songs come from, anyway?

Inspiration is on-again/off-again for me. I haven’t written a song in a great while, actually.

I think for me, the most potent, prolific times were when I had a muse — a woman. A serious romantic involvement. I hope this doesn’t come off as sounding like the music all came from my groin, cuz it didn’t. As a matter of fact when it felt REAL, like love and not lust, is when I got the most ideas. That’s when music would just flow, unimpeded by my own, or anyone else’s judgments. It felt very powerful, as if I were a channel, or something.

And don’t think for a minute that the music and the feelings were all euphoric, either — no, no, no!! But it seemed to be the intensity of the feeling, more than the feeling itself. In fact, I think I wrote the most songs as a result of women I loved that weren’t available to me! You know, unrequited love, and all that. It’s as if my mind shuts down to regular day-to-day functioning, and songwriting is a
catharsis that helps me to find my way back to life as usual.

Perhaps this is why songs — pop, country, etc. — are predominantly about love won, or love lost?



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