Bag of tricks

I was reviewing the blog, looking over the last few months of tips, specifically those focused on the creative (not the business) side. I noticed that many individual songwriting tips are not earth-shattering or game-changing on their own. No one tip is the silver bullet that will solve all your issues and make all your songs #1 hits.

Ingested one by one, however, I think they eventually become part of your bag of tricks as a songwriter and that can be game-changing. In the process of learning and applying these tips, they start to become second nature, almost intuitive.

Read something once and you understand the concept. Use it and it gets into your system. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Muck around with the tips, and if one works for you, put in in your bag of tricks.

Once you start using the tips in your songs, you’ll get them at a deeper level. Eventually, the ideas are internalized. They become available to you in your songwriting sessions without effort.

Try it.


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One Response to “Bag of tricks”

  1. alunatunes Says:

    I love your tip jar! what a clever title.
    Check out my music biz tips at

    Let me know how the Taxi thing works out. Always curious about that one….

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