Why do we do it?

I’ve written more songs in the last three months than I usually write in a year.

Why do we write this free blog every day? We do it out of love – love of music, love of songwriting and a desire to help others who share our passion for music. That’s what keeps us putting in the hours to publish Songwriter’s Tip Jar since March 1, 2002.

What started as a simple newsletter quickly gained momentum and spawned a forum site (message boards) and then a blog. More songwriters are meeting and helping each other daily and in surprising ways. And we want to keep it all free.

That’s why we started STJ, but it turns out there is another, unforeseen benefit. It helps my own songwriting. I found that by participating in the forums, it inspires me, sparks ideas and new songs! And it’s not just me, others have reported this as well. I’ve written more songs in the last three months than I usually write in a year.

You might ask, why don’t you just take all that time and energy that goes into preparing the blog (as well as reading and replying to the forums) and spend it instead on writing songs? Good question. My wife also asked this when I first started pouring all my free time into the project.

At the time I didn’t have a good answer. But now I see that they are mutually beneficial. The more I immerse myself in the forums, helping others with their songwriting, and just listening (reading) to the advice and concerns of other songwriters, the more inspired I am to improve my own skills and, mysteriously, I also find or make more time to write.

Robert, my buddy and fellow STJ editor, says “The same has happened to me, and it’s been really fun and enriching! We ‘know’ songwriters all over the globe now, who we’ve collaborated with, joked with, given advice to and gotten advice from. Truly, an unforeseen benefit.”

They always say the best way to learn something is to teach it to others. Do have something you could teach, a tip or a shortcut you use? Click Comments» below to leave a tip here.

Songwriter’s Tip Jar now has swag, those promotional caps, T-shirts and mouse pads emblazoned with the STJ logo. Support our efforts to support songwriters. Check out the swag here.


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