James Bond

james bond

We’re always looking for new ideas for our next song. Intense emotions are a good place to start. Whether it’s a love song, a protest song, a battle cry or a funeral dirge, the intense emotions you feel will help you to find the song. Those same emotions will seep into the song and listeners will be able to identify with it.

Often when we’re in the middle of an intense emotional time, writing a song is the last thing on our minds. So you’ll have to call up your previous feelings when you do sit down to write.

What other ways can you find a subject for your next song? As much as we like songs about exotic people or locations, we also identify with songs about familiar things, be it a favorite book or a first kiss.

What familiar things can you write a song about?

– that night you spent in jail (real or imagined)
– an issue that you keep hearing about in the news
– what everybody is talking about around the water cooler
– the best teacher you ever had, or the worst
– your best friend
– your best friend’s wedding
– your best friend’s divorce
– your own wedding
– the birth of your first child
– your first child’s wedding
– your commute; gridlock; other drivers; tickets, potholes, taxes
– the death of a friend
– your deepest secret
– a suppressed memory
– a favorite uncle, grandmother or other special person
– your first kiss

What about things that interest and intrigue you, but that you don’t have personal experience with? Sure, they’re fair game. You are a writer, you make things up. Put yourself in the shoes of someone else and write a song from that perspective.

For example, write about

– your life as a spy (think James Bond)
– your adventures as a cattle thief in the wild west
– your affair with prince Harry
– how you were the first man/woman on the moon
– your life as a vampire
– how you discovered fire
– the time you taught dance moves to Justin Timberlake

If you think of any more, leave a comment.


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