Writing melody, a tip

For me the melody is usually the last thing to fall into place. I can write the chords first and then the words or the words first and then the chords, but either way, I usually leave the melody for last. Oh, I may have a rough idea of the melody or a working melody, but I don’t really focus on melody until the end.

If I find myself unsatisfied with a particular working melody, I’ll move the song to a different key, say up or down a fourth or a fifth (or about halfway to an octave). Since I don’t have a wide range as a singer, I won’t be able to hit all the notes in the new key. So I’m forced to improvise a new melody in those spots where I can’t reach the notes (too high or too low). Often some of the new improvisations are better than the original melody.

This tip is easy to try if you use a capo (guitarists) or with software like Band in a Box or any of the MIDI sequencers.


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  1. cj and the broster Says:

    Thanks for your sharing …

    CJ and the Broster

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