Song writing focus sheet

Songwriter’s Tip Jar Forums are free online message boards for songwriters (our sister site). If you haven’t seen them, I invite you to take a look. Every day more and more insightful songwriters are helping each other out.

People are getting help finishing their lyrics and music. Others post lyrics or mp3s and get critiques. Still others ask questions and get answers about the business of music.

One very interesting post is called *Song Writing Focus Sheet.* It’s a list of questions or ‘focus’ points aimed at helping you think about a song, to organize your thoughts before writing the lyrics. Too often we just charge ahead with a half-baked idea or riff or nothing but a title.

These focus points can guide you through a process of fleshing out your ideas, so that when you write the lyrics, you’ll have something more to draw on (you won’t be shooting in the dark).

Here a just a few examples, and I’m paraphrasing.

– Who is doing the singing and to whom? Be specific.
– Where (location) is this conversation taking place?
– When in time is the action or conversation, past, future?
– What is the viewpoint, 1st person (I)? 2nd, 3rd?
– What is the general tone of the lyric – romantic, sarcastic, tongue in cheek, reflective, self-assertive?
– What is the relationship between the singer and the singee?

To see many more examples in the original post, click here. If you are not a forum member, you will need to register first (it’s free). Register here (click register).


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