Notes from songwriting camp

Random notes after attending a week long intensive songwriting camp.

One cool thing about learning side by side with other songwriters, is that we learn a lot from each other. Besides hearing personal tips and stories, I came away with an understanding that we’re all on the path together and it behooves us to support each other.

Songwriting is not a competition or a media spectacle like sports (except maybe American Idol). A quick story to illustrate.

A famous guitarist tells of a collaborative CD project he was working on with another extremely famous world class instrumentalist. This musician was always cutting down the guitarist’s playing abilities, just constant ragging on him about it.

When the project was over and the two parted ways, the guitarist noticed his playing improved 1,000% overnight. Why? He no longer heard those debilitating negative messages all the time.

If I put you down, it doesn’t build me up. Instead, let’s support each other and become strong together.


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