I resolve

What are your plans for 2009 for your music? Did you make any music-related new year’s resolutions?

It’s helpful to share our goals with others, especially our fellow songwriters. It makes us accountable, in a way. It also puts them in writing, which gives them more power. Announcing our goals out loud restates and reaffirms our intentions to the universe (and acts as a reminder to ourselves).

Would you be willing to post your New Year’s resolutions? Making resolutions is the first step. Perhaps sharing them is the second.

Who knows, one of our readers may have just what you need to complete one of your resolutions — a lyric? a venue? a connection? a musical soulmate?

Scroll down to post your resolutions.


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2 Responses to “I resolve”

  1. cassandra kubinski Says:

    New yrs res:
    Write w established nashville talents 4x/wk

    Focus on songwriting and singing

    Focus on accomplishments

    Have more fun and a more fluid concept of time

  2. Dana Agnellini Says:

    This year I affrim:

    To hone my craft (songwriting, guitar/piano playing, and singing)

    To attract to me all people that: love my music, buy my music, promote my music, have contacts to help me with my music, want to assist in marketing my music, are interested in collaborating, and/or have venues for me to perform at.

    To record CD #3 and have it be the highest quality work I have ever produced.

    To submit music to appropriate listings for increased exposure.

    To win songwriting contests.

    For my music to reach all those who would benefit from hearing it.

    But mostly, I Iffirm that I will open hearts and deliver the message of Love and oneness that has been gifted to me through my music.

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