A positive charge

What does positivity have to do with writing songs? As with many things, there are layers here. Do I mean write about positive subjects? Do I mean songwriters should be optimistic all the time? Well, yes, and no.

I don’t think our songs have to always be uplifting and cheery — some of the best tunes written will dispel that. What I do mean is that you, the songwriter, can stay optimistic about your abilities.

If you’re trashing your own stuff, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

Our friend Jana Stanfield says that when collaborating with other songwriters, she insists that they “stay in the Yes.” What she means is that there is no room for negative vibes with her co-writers; it kills the creative process.

Bob Marley said it well in his “Positive Vibration” — “hold out for the positive day.” Don’t give up on your songs. Don’t be defeated before you start. Watch how you talk to yourself. If you’re trashing your own stuff, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

Keeping a positive attitude throughout the songwriting process will allow your best to come forward. Your songs will get better. You are moving, you’re in an upswing, and as Newton said, things in motion tend to stay in motion.

“Feed” your songwriting habit daily with positive thoughts, imagery and messages.

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