Iconize yourself


In honor of the hoopla in the news over the inauguration plans, I posted myself in the iconic Obama poster style. You can get your own photo redone this way at Paste Magazine’s site.

Washington, DC is in full swing, inauguration-wise. It’s like everything iconic about the city is now happening all at once:

traffic nightmares,
bad weather,
DC government working with the Federal government,
tourist influx (largest ever),
news media influx,
political pageantry,
dignitaries, including former U.S. presidents,
a parade,
at least one military band,
formal (and not so formal) balls and celebrations,
scads of police:

Including the Secret Service, 58 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies are providing security. I don’t know if that includes the military troops, which will also be present. I also don’t know if it includes the mounted police, bomb-sniffing dogs, undercover officers, air patrols, Coast Guard and countersnipers that I read about.

It does include the U.S. Capital Police, Maryland and DC police, Montgomery County police, U.S. Park police, chemical response force, Pennsylvania State Police, Philadelphia Police Department, Metropolitan Police Department Harbor Patrol, National Guard troops and more.


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One Response to “Iconize yourself”

  1. Robert Cote Says:


    This is all quite exciting. But not exciting enough to make me want to come to DC!

    Great Blog!

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