Big words

In a recent email, a songwriter asked if it was necessary to use big words and flowery, poetic language in a song. From his email I could tell he was not comfortable with it. Here’s what I said.

Lots of great songwriters use plain language and still create great songs that tug at our heartstrings. So I advise you to be yourself and write lyrics that sound the same way you talk. That would be honest and boy, do we need that now, in songs and everywhere else. People long to hear honesty in songs. Whether it’s about your pain or joy, if it’s honest, it draws us listeners in.

If you write honestly from your heart, about things you feel, your songs will reach people. People will start to feel (at least a little of) what you feel. And if you can do that, that’s better than anything technical I could teach you.

If you still desire to expand your writing skills, I suggest you read the ‘great’ books. It will expand your vocabulary and expose you to examples of good writing.


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