Where were you when the lights went out?

It was very eerie… reminiscent of 9-11. I watched from my living room window as the traffic to the Lincoln tunnel came to a stand still on the viaduct. People were standing outside their cars and trucks for about and hour. All the traffic was then diverted off the highway and the viaduct was empty! Manhattan was CLOSED ….

AGAIN ! All night long there was a mass exodus of people aimlessly walking from the NY Waterway ferries up the dark local streets, guided by the beam of their flashlights or the voices of the people in front of them.

At some point when it was still light, I decided to start grilling whatever meat I had in my fridge before it went bad. And of course I had to open a bottle of wine!

So what’s left for a songwriter to do … as darkness set in and the wine kicked in, I lit some candles opened up my notebook and started clustering!!!!! Broke out my guitar for the rest of the evening and now I have the start of a few new blackout inspired songs!!

submitted by Phil Risen,
Acoustic rock with a world beat feel and a blues edge

I met Phil at Paul Reisler’s Song Camp a few years ago, where he blew me away with one after another of his amazing original songs.


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