Striving for Picasso

Do you yearn to be this generation’s most innovative, ground-breaking artist, the Picasso of the music world? Do you want to break the mold and create an entirely new musical style, something completely original and cutting edge?

If that’s your goal, I say go for it! If having goals like these helps you, more power to you. Unfortunately for me, that sort of thinking, if taken too far, causes a major blockage. When I start to compare myself to the world’s greatest songwriters, I just get a headache.

As a young songwriter, I thought that the goal was to create music unlike anything ever heard before. I thought each song had to break new ground and I judged myself harshly if I didn’t achieve it, which was every single time. The result was a complete creative shutdown, in other words, writer’s block. Holding such lofty goals, for me, is
simply counter-productive.

So now my attitude is much more self-supportive. I simply aim to be who I am, write what I write, improve my skills and continue to learn. It’s a completely freeing feeling to be OK with writing something that isn’t 100% unique and innovative. And as I get more skills and more confidence, I believe if I’m meant to be that sort of songwriter (a
Picasso, so to speak) that will fall into place.

Meanwhile, I get to follow my muse, express myself and some people even seem to like it.


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