Randy Newman

Randy Newman

Randy Newman is a songwriter’s songwriter, someone who we can all learn something from. Here’s a guy who has an Oscar, 16 Grammy nominations and so much more.

When asked if, after 30 some years, he has figured out what makes a song work, Randy says “No. I don’t have any more confidence in my ability to go in and write one than I had when I was sixteen…I know when I hear it.”

From an older interview: “I don’t know where the songs come from. I just sit until something happens. I’ve tried everything–looking through The Elton John Songbook or listening to Prince, taking piano lessons again, scribbling nonsense down, listening to classical music. I’ve tried
playing basketball, swimming in the pool. Everything. But what I mainly do is just sit there four hours a day, though I don’t always make four hours. I make myself sit there and hope that experience and everything else will make something good happen.”

“When you’ve written a good song, you feel, ‘Look what I did!’ No one else in the world can do this as good as me and I’m the greatest, for maybe 20 minutes, and then it goes away. I used to get it for longer. It used to be that anything could happen to me if I had written a great song. That would insulate me against anything. I wouldn’t care.
Nuclear disasters? Hey, no problem. Nothing bothered me. I went through the whole Vietnam war like that.”

When asked, is performing easier than writing, he said “Oh yeah…you do it, you mess up a hotel room, you mess up on stage, you leave, you don’t look back at it, it’s great! People are applauding. Maybe if I hired some people to applaud when I was writing…”

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One Response to “Randy Newman”

  1. mistersilva74 Says:

    Got two of his album and have to say I really like his work. He has a great sense of humour as well. At least in his songs.
    If you have the time,check my blog. It’s about alternative music, but maybe you can find something there you like.

    Take care!

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