How Can I Turn on My Creativity?

People ask us this, but framed in a specific way. They say “I want to be a better songwriter. How can I be more creative when writing a song?”

People assume our creativity is what we use when we’re drawing, composing, sculpting, designing or any of the other accepted ‘artistic’ endeavors. And we assume we don’t need creativity when doing any other tasks.

But the most creative people I know are inventive and creative in all aspects of their lives. Contrary to what you might expect, childrearing, tax preparation, taking out the garbage, repairing the plumbing and being a good friend are all things that can be approached creatively.
You are limiting yourself if you only exercise your creativity when doing some things and not others.

In any career or personal endeavor, creative people are the ground-breakers, the idea people, the ones willing to try crazy sounding, impossible new approaches. Inventors are creative, entrepreneurs are creative, good teachers are creative and good parents are especially creative.

Understandably, workplaces that don’t support creative thought among employees are the most depressing places to work.

When you open yourself up to being creative any time, in any situation, then you are letting your best inner self out. When any time is a good time to create, then it’s not so hard to ‘turn it on’ when you sit down to write a song. It’s already ‘on.’

The creativity you express in one area of your life feeds the creative juices in other areas. They build on each other in an ever-widening spiral. It’s like one of those vicious cycles you hear about, only this is a fun cycle, a productive, virtuous, creative cycle.

So don’t make the mistake of ‘saving’ your creative energy for songwriting sessions exclusively. As you’re doing some mundane task creatively, you’re already setting the stage for your next song.


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