Q & A: Is it cheating?

Q. I have a question that is more on the lines of integrity. I downloaded a software program that will randomly generate melodies and/or chord progressions.

I then can take what I hear and run with it, put my own spin on it. And it gives me a starting point randomly, so you never get the same melody twice.

However, in the back of my mind I’m struggling with ‘am I sort of cheating by using this program?’ Not that this is the only way I’m going to compose and never come up with songs completely by myself (of course not), I just wanted your take on using a program to help me get started from time to time.

A. I see this software as just another tool, nothing more. If it helps you, that’s great. I don’t consider it cheating at all.

I like finding new ways to spark my creativity. I’ll try anything once and sometimes I get a song out of it.

Using the software, it’s still up to you to judge which of the randomly generated melodies are worth pursuing. That’s where your skill, your musicianship and your creative instincts come into play, in making that choice and beyond that, in developing the bare melody into a complete, fully realized song.

Here is one of the software programs our questioner uses: The Sonic Spot.


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One Response to “Q & A: Is it cheating?”

  1. seiko Says:

    wat simulator did u use

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