Another STJ Success Story

I heard that Charles Lee, a long time member of the STJ forum site, won an honor award for one of his songs and I asked him to tell us about it. Here’s his story:

The contest I entered is called the Great American Song Contest. They are not a very large contest – around 1200 total entries. The great thing about this contest is that every entry gets a written critique of their work from the judges who are all in the industry. I got my feedback today and it was fabulous. I entered four songs and the comments ranged from “Nothing really distinguishes this song from
others with the same subject and hook” to “great talent” and “Excellent melodic aspects to this likable romantic song.” The latter was some of the feedback on the one that got the honor award.

If you are like me, the first instinct is to justify why I wrote it this way when someone criticizes my work. But when I think about it objectively – as best I can think of MY BABIES objectively – the comments were right on the money.

This is a great contest in that it offers helpful feedback and not just the ego trip of winning or losing. I would strongly recommend this contest to all of your subscribers.

The judges are all industry professionals who have written hits. They know songwriting. That is how the contest is promoted and it seems that what they say is true when I read the feedback forms. I am very proud to tell you that all of my songs scored from mid to high. They say that if you score in the mid range you are a good song writer. I am
very encouraged by this and I feel that the subscribers would really benefit from what they offer in this contest.

I scanned a couple of the feedback sheets to let you see what they look like. However the files were so large, over 6MB each, that I could not email them to you. On each sheet is several categories and a scale of one to ten. None of my songs averaged below five with most of them averaging around 6.5 and the award winner actually around 8.5 or thereabouts. Sorry I couldn’t let you see a sample of the feedback.



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