Harvesting your dreams


This weekend I attended an amazing songwriting workshop presented by Pete and Maura Kennedy and sponsored by the Songwriters’ Assoc. of Washington. The Kennedys have found a whole new way of thinking about songwriting.

They suggest that we can use our dreams as source material for our songs and they offer specific ways to remember dreams and how to mine them. Many of the techniques for remembering dreams will be familiar to those who have read about dream interpretation. But the big news to me was how our rich dream lives can supply writers with original, creative ideas and images.

They point out that 1/3 of our lives are spent sleeping. During dreams we often see fantastic, magical, other-worldly images, characters and stories. We can use any of them as the subject for a song or as imagery in a song.

To take it further, in lucid dreams (dreams in which you are aware you are dreaming), you can ask (a character in your dream or your sub-concience) for a song. At least one songwriter in the class had already experienced lucid dreaming.

The Kennedys latest (tenth) CD is entitled “Better Dreams”, a project inspired by their dreams.

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2 Responses to “Harvesting your dreams”

  1. Desiree songwryter Andrews Says:

    I have had Lucid dreams since I was a child always thought it incredibly weird to realize I’m dreaming in a dream….
    I justt discovered that it is called Lucid dreaming but I never thought to try and conjur up a song out of that dream…. I always try to wake up as soon as possible because of fear of having a bad dream which unfortunatly I have too many of…….. as A songwriter I may try to explore the dream world a little farther….. now that I know whats going on….

  2. Awesome blog, I recommend everyone read it Says:

    Awesome blog, I recommend everyone read it…

    […]Harvesting your dreams « Songwriter’s Tip Jar[…]…

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