Whats up fellow songwriters- I was doin some songwriting research online just looking for inspiration on the craft of songwriting and came across a really cool technique for coming up with melodies.

Basically the idea is set up a loop in a recording program (garage band) that goes for 20 minutes. Maybe the four chords your verse or chorus uses. Then hit record and sing melodies over that progression for 20 minutes. Ever come up with melodies for 20 minutes? Its pretty weird that’s a long time! And you can’t judge what you are doing you just kind of let it all come out, let yourself really just get creative. I found I felt tapped out at 5 minutes! Then to keep myself going had to get really creative and sang some really high ideas. Then really punchy ideas, then borderline rap melodies. When you finish let it sit for about an hour then go back and pull out your favorite ones. I had 13 I thought were really cool. AWESOME! 13 melodies i think are awesome, now the problem is figuring out which one i think is the most AWESOME. Good problem to have,

Much love tell me how it goes for ya-

Andy Grammer

with permission from Andy Grammer, a comment he posted to the Facebook group Performing Songwriters (United Worldwide).


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One Response to “Melody”

  1. mandythompson Says:

    That’s a really cool idea. I’ll have to try it if I ever find myself stuck.

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