More arbitrary limits

When you’re looking at a blank page, writing something, anything, can be daunting. Fear of the blank page affects songwriters, as well as novelists, poets, essayists, whatever.

Let’s say you want to write a song. As a writer, you have the freedom to write anything. It can be a 2 hour opera or a 3 minute ballad or something completely unique that’s never been done before. You can write a song for solo piano or for an entire orchestra and choir; for real instruments or electronic sounds. There are so many choices, it’s mind-boggling and can be overwhelming.

To get past blank page paralysis, try limiting your choices. Set some self-imposed limitations so that the initial process is easier. You can always remove them later, when the song is well on its way.

For example, limit yourself to writing for certain instruments, say bluegrass instruments (guitar, fiddle, bass, mandolin, banjo). That doesn’t mean you have to write a bluegrass song, although that would be another limitation you could set. Or not. Take it one step further: limit yourself to writing a rock song to be played on bluegrass instruments.

Another example. Limit yourself to a genre “I’m going to write a ballad.”

Or limit yourself to a certain audience, say kids or grandparents or Shriners or Yankees fans or lawyers or … you get the point.

Free yourself from feeling stuck on a blank page, by trimming down some of your choices.


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One Response to “More arbitrary limits”

  1. isa Says:

    hi, what’s all this blog about? it’s all abou music and song writer? do you have any tips aboy how to be a creative song writer? thx anyway!

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