Looking for a good title?

I keep a list of phrases and potential song titles in my notebook and I’m always adding to it. That way, if I hit a dry spell, I can just open up my notebook and see if anything jumps out at me.

If you don’t have your own list, check the list of titles we’re growing online. We call it the Title Bank.

Feel free to take one or more and add your own (see Leave a comment» at the bottom of this post). There are no copyright restrictions on titles. Many songs can use the same title. You can also take the name of a book, play or movie as your song title.

Here’s a small sample from the Title Bank.

Average American Survivor Reunion Factor
Bush Goes to Mars
Dangerous Carbs
I Lost My Job
(Janet’s) Wardrobe Mishap
Madoff Goes to Jail
Martha Vacations at Club Fed
Ten Minute Bride (Britney’s Folly)
The Ballad of Tony Soprano
Tyco Juror #4
Since You’re Out of the Closet My Heart’s On a Shelf
Don’t Go Away Mad – Stay Here and Suffer
Dandelions and Rhododendrons
The Whole Enchilada
Get On My Feet and Dance
Face Down in the Pavement
Feel my pain
Frustration Overload
Picking up your pieces
Pull me under
Butterfly Fields
Symphony in 3-D
Forever Blessed
Catch a falling star [for you]


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One Response to “Looking for a good title?”

  1. Doris Bloodsworth Says:

    I’m writing an article about Baby Boomer Songwriters. I’m surveying songwriters who were born between 1946-1964 and then following up with some for the article, which will appera in the 2010 edition of Songwriter’s Market. If interested, go to http://www.crosswordscommunications.com/songwriters.html.
    I’m especially learning about any tips on resources that have proven helpful.
    Thank you!

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