Corey Smith, the $4 million self-made musician, on what matters most


You may have caught the Washington Post article on Corey Smith, the country, folk-rock musician who grossed $4 million last year, and $1.7 million the year before that, through ol’ fashion D.I.Y. The love of Smith’s soulful Americana music, on the reluctance to grow up, drinking misadventures, family, spread through fans and not the machinations of any record label.

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One Response to “Corey Smith, the $4 million self-made musician, on what matters most”

  1. @jfdi Says:

    This absolutely speaks to something that came out of Christine Kane’s (performing songwriter herself and coach) mouth, as you may know, about the need for artists to remember that “people are not interested in businesses; people are interested in people”. Hence, to take a page from a number of social networking activists that I know, I’ve begun experimenting with this idea of actually talking more personally with my fans, not so much about business though that’s always part of the informing process. We live in a world that is busier than ever, and one where people crave real connection. It’s not surprising to hear that Corey’s accomplishments come from him just being himself. Thanks for sharing this. LL.

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