50 uses for a brick


Even songwriters get stuck in a creative rut once in awhile – fingers moving to the same chords, singing the same melodies, writing the same songs.

It helps me to remember that I am capable of thinking in strange, unique, playful and inventive ways. We all are capable of it, as long as we’re aren’t stuck in a rut.

To get out of a rut and to prevent getting into it in the first place, I recommend a variety of brain stimulation techniques (or games). If your favorite brain stimulation game is crossword puzzles, fine, unless that becomes a rut in itself.

So mix it up, switch it out. Find a completely different type of brain stimulator. Try this brainstorming technique:

Write down 50 uses for a brick. Don’t study it, don’t research it on the web, just write whatever comes into your mind for the next 10 minutes. Can you find 50? Notice I didn’t say they have to be 50 traditional uses or even logical uses for a brick. I also didn’t specify what kind of brick. You could think of a Lego brick, for instance, or colored bricks from the old Tetris game.

You might want to begin each songwriting session with a new brain stimulus, to help you transition into a creative space.


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