An unusual creative challenge

There’s a web site called Album-a-Day, in which the site’s owner challenges people to write and record a complete album in a 24 hour period and post it to the internet (preferably with no sleep break in-between). He then adds your project to his list. He defines an album as a minimum of 20 minutes or 30 songs.

Anyone up for it?


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3 Responses to “An unusual creative challenge”

  1. tarruella Says:

    Sounds like a great idea. Specially for me that I’ve just signed up for drumming lessons today 🙂

    May I give you another challenge in exchange ?

  2. songwriterstipjar Says:

    Fantastic exercise!

  3. mandythompson Says:

    I did this last winter. I think I may have even found it mentioned here… maybe. It was a mind-blowing exercise. 7 songs in 24 hours.
    My project:

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