3 tips to beat writer’s block

  • 1 Try this first.  Keep a journal. You can find books on journaling in your public library or at any bookstore, online or otherwise.The idea in a nutshell is to discipline yourself to write in the journal every day. It might start out as a commitment to write for 15 minutes every day. I think you’ll find that it’s easy to go on for longer. The important thing is that you do it every day.

    Another important element to journalling is that you write whatever comes into your head, without censoring it, editing it or worrying about grammar, spelling, what your mother might think. It’s amazing how freeing this is. And it amazes me how this opens up the creative flow.

  • 2 As an exercise, try another art form. Any art form will do, especially if you have no experience with it. If you never did sculpture, try that.  Make a collage, get out the watercolors. Work with childrens’ clay or crayons.   It doesn’t matter.The idea is to give over your attention to this endeavor 100 per cent and with no expectations. You don’t have to finish it, because this is just an exercise.   It doesn’t need to be a masterpiece because this isn’t your medium. I don’t know why it works, but it frequently does.
  • 3 Play. Take off your adult hat and become a child again. Play any childrens games you like, including physical games like hop scotch, jump rope and catch. Play a board game. Do not watch TV.You need interactive play by yourself or better yet with children. At its best, children’s play is always creative. Don’t worry or even think about songwriting or creativity. Just play and have fun.

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2 Responses to “3 tips to beat writer’s block”

  1. fblades Says:

    Keep a journal. – do it every day. It works for me!
    I started in November last year, and have managed to songwrite every day since (weekends off!). The only exception was a couple of weeks when I fell ill, and that should be a valid excuse for any boss (even if it is yourself!). Writers Block is only a problem if the writer allows it to be!

  2. John Weirick Says:

    Journaling is an essential life skill for me! I’ve been at it for nearly a decade.

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