What about Taxi?

People ask if Taxi is for real, if it’s legit. I am a Taxi member. So far it hasn’t helped me. But I’ve met real people who have had considerable success with Taxi. You may have seen the band Naked Blue in some Taxi ads. I can assure you they are real. They’re from my home town (OK, the next town over). I was a Naked Blue fan long before they showed up in the Taxi ads.

Then there’s the guy I met standing in line at the Taxi Road Rally. It was a long line, so we had a chance to share our life stories, including our experiences with Taxi. He had already achieved some success with Taxi, but in the next few years he had more and more success, until one day I saw him in the pages of Recording Magazine, in a Taxi ad. They don’t make this stuff up.

My main advice about Taxi is, it works, but you have to submit a lot. That makes sense, because if you only submit one or two songs a year, your odds are much lower than if you submit 10 – 20 songs (or more) a year. There is no limit to how many you can submit. It’s $5 per song every time you submit.

But submitting a lot means you must have a lot of well-recorded demos (or you can submit the same song over and over again). They can be home studio recordings, if you have the recording/producing skills.

Why hasn’t Taxi helped me? For one, I joined when I only had a few song demos and I didn’t have the wherewithall to record more. In retrospect, I should have waited a few years. Now I have a full CD under my belt and another on the way. We’ll see how it goes.

If you know of a better way to get your songs to Film/TV music supervisors or to recording artists and their management, let us know by replying to this post.


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5 Responses to “What about Taxi?”

  1. songwriterstipjar Says:

    One more thing about Taxi. They can be very specific, either by naming a genre or an artist. If they ask for songs that sound like Miley Cyrus, then you should know what Miley Cyrus songs sound like before sending your song. You don’t have to be an expert in every genre, but you should be very aware of artists in your genre(s), not necessarily an easy task if you write in a variety of styles.

  2. soulpajamas Says:

    One other bit of good news. The cost to renew for your second year is usually a good bit lower than the initial cost.

  3. songwriterstipjar Says:

    I completely overlooked a huge benefit of Taxi membership: the annual conference. They call it the Road Rally and it’s free to members. So if you live in Los Angeles, it’s a totally free and extremely beneficial music conference. Even though I live on the East coast and have to pay airfare and hotel, I’ve attended several Road Rallies and plan to continue.

    In my original post I said ‘so far, Taxi hasn’t helped me’ and that is not quite true. I haven’t gotten any songs recorded by national artists or on TV or film, but I have been helped considerably in several ways:

    #1 I get a song critique from each Taxi screener who listens to my submissions. That information is invaluable for future submissions.

    #2 I continue to learn a lot from the Taxi forum online and the Taxi music channel on YouTube

    #3 Road Rally workshops, presentations and face to face meetings (both organized and random)

  4. Brenda K Says:

    Hi there! I’m brand-new to emPOWER, but I’ll add my two yen to this discussion since we (Chi and I, The Panache Orchestra) have been members of Taxi for nearly two years now. We’ve had a couple things forwarded so far, although no actual placements yet, but it’s all good.

    The critiques are extremely helpful (for musicians/composers new to the placements game, that alone is worth the fairly steep cost of admission!), and the Taxi Road Rally was extremely good too – I would even go so far as to say “life changing”. We made some great contacts and got loads of useful information that was pitched for “getting to the next level”, as opposed to “just starting out”.

    One thing I realized though: the more skilled I become in interpreting the listings for music, the more I become aware that they are in most cases looking for “cookie-cutter”-type music, which is not what TPO creates, so my expectations for placements have been tempered somewhat. That does not mean that I won’t renew our subscription though, since the new album we’re presently in pre-prod for will be somewhat more synch-friendly. I guess I should note that our existing recordings we have been pitching have received some very high marks in the critiques, but were miscast for the various listings due to my lack of experience in interpreting them. The rally definitely helps dispel this type of confusion, and puts you in touch with people who can help steer you in the right direction.

    As another poster alluded to above, multi-genre and cross-genre artists generally have a more challenging time of it across the board, which requires a much more robust and creative PR effort.

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