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Lead sheets

March 24, 2010

For guest musicians at a gig or studio musicians at a session, lead sheets are invaluable. Check this blog entry for a quick review of two popular music notation programs – Sibelius 6 and Finale Songwriter.

Both are available for Windows and Mac. Click the links for free 30 day trials of each.

Practice 10 minutes

March 18, 2010

I saw a blog post about how it can be better to practice for 10 minutes a day than an hour a day. What?

My take on it is, it’s better to practice for 10 minutes than 0 minutes. It’s not how long you practice, but how frequently you practice.

Some practice is better than no practice.

So 10 minutes a day for 7 straight days is better than practicing the same amount of time (70 minutes) all in one session. It has something to do with repeated practice (like a sport). Obviously, the longer each practice session the better (up to a point).

So don’t skip a day. Instead, do a shorter practice that day. Some practice is better than no practice. And I believe you should practice songwriting, not just your instrument or voice.

Broadcast quality tracks

March 9, 2010

Songwriters, check out this item from Taxi’s blog. It discusses how even a basic instrumental track with only one or two instruments can be sold for TV and film, and how much simpler it is to record this type of music at your home studio (compared to a full blown vocal piece with a band).

Affordable studio mics

March 3, 2010

Here’s a quick video review of Fett’s favorite and very affordable studio mics with a little microphone lesson thrown in. Fett is a producer/engineer and owner of Azalea Productions, a full-service recording company that specializes in independent artist CD’s and songwriter demos. He was formerly technology editor at Performing Songwriter magazine.