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I am a recording artist, and if you’re reading this you are too, most likely, or aspiring to be one.

When we released our first EP way back when, we wanted to sell it online, but the internet was new (insert joke here about how dinosaurs still roamed the earth) and there weren’t many options. So I did my homework and learned that CD Baby was the best, by far, and certainly the best fit for me. They had a great reputation then and they still do.

With each subsequent CD we’ve released, I’ve done the legwork again to make sure that there wasn’t a new upstart doing a better job than CD Baby. There wasn’t.

Now CD Baby has introduced a new capability. Artists can sell single song downloads on CD Baby, not just the physical CDs and full CD downloads (as in the past). Read the CD Baby DIY Musician blog to see how this small shift can help you promote your music more easily and more consistently and generate some revenue in the process.

See Soulpajamas, my band’s CD Baby page.

PS. Required reading – free advice for musicians from Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby. Here’s a sample:

Proudly exclude some people

Proudly say what you’re NOT: “If you like Celine Dion, you’ll hate us.” …and people who hate Celine Dion will love you, or at least give you a chance.

You can’t please everyone in this world. Recklessly exclude people.

Almost like you’re the doorman at an exclusive club that plays only your music. Maybe you wouldn’t let in anyone wearing a suit. Maybe you wouldn’t let in anyone without a suit!

But know who you are, and have the confidence that somewhere out there, there’s a little niche of people that would like your kind of music. They may only be 1% of the population. But 1% of the world is 65 million people!

Loudly leave out 99% of the world. When someone in your target 1% hears you excluding the part of the population they already feel alienated from, they’ll be drawn to you.

Write down a list of artists who you don’t like, and whose fans probably wouldn’t like you. Use that.


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