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How to become a singer

June 15, 2010

Always inspiring and always in a new way, Derek Sivers, the musician who created CD Baby, has once again hit the nail on the head, this time about becoming a singer. OK, becoming a singer is only the surface of what this post is about.

Read his latest blog post.

David Wilcox – Crude Greed

June 13, 2010

Bobulate for intentional organization

June 9, 2010

“Music is the pleasurable overflow of information.” Jonah Lehrer.

Design is shifting from the creator to the consumer, yet it’s the place in the middle, the place where they play off one another, where new meaning is created.

From a blog called Bobulate (opposite of discombobulated) comes a riff on Miles Davis and improvisation.

The post is called Designing for Improvisation and it starts with Miles Davis and jazz and branches out from there to talk about creative acts of all sorts. Read the entire post here.