I need the practice

Do you wait for the muse before starting to write a song? How’s that working out for you?

When I wait for the muse, it can be months between writing sessions and I know that’s not enough writing for me. I need the practice. So I no longer wait for the muse. I try to invoke the muse and try to be the muse, but most of all, I just try to write more and more often.

Regular writing in itself seems to attract the muse. But it also strengthens the creative muscle. Just like sports and piano lessons, it’s better to practice regularly than to save it up for one long session (i.e. 7 daily one-hour sessions instead of one grueling seven hour session).

Something about the daily repeated action of engaging the creative mind and putting words (or melody) to paper is the perfect practice for writing songs. Writing songs takes practice. But instead of playing scales or doing crunches, a good way to practice writing songs is to actually write a song.

A side benefit is that if you tell yourself you’re writing a song as practice, the pressure is off to create your masterpiece. And when the pressure (usually self-imposed) is off, creativity is freed.

If you’re only writing when inspiration strikes, try writing as a regular practice. And post a comment here to let me know how it works.


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2 Responses to “I need the practice”

  1. Songs2Share Inc. » 2010 » August Says:

    […] I need the practice […]

  2. Roberta Says:

    Was just reading in a songwriting book how that songwriter makes an effort to do a physical thing, like pressing napkins while she was trying to come up with a certain title. I’ve also read people often brainstorm while walking or doing a physical task. This author puts it like this, “The ideal title sprang to mind as a result of accesing my imaginative right side through a repeated mechanical (mindless) physical action. Running on a treadmill or scraping carrots may have done the trick just as well. But had I sat at my desk staring at the blue lines on a white pad, I might still be facing a blank page.” Shelia Davis = Successful Lyric Writing

    Thing is to do it. Practice practice practice.

    If you need help with your lyrics, I will give you a free critique. LOGIN & upload the song at http://www.Songs2Share.com – a song & music licensing company.


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