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How Do You Make Money from Music – a survey

September 22, 2011

Artist Revenue Streams, a research project examining changes in musicians’ sources of income.

Future of Music Conference

September 15, 2011

Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit

Future of Music Coalition’s 2011 Policy Summit. I know the title is wonky. Be there anyway. I attended last year and I’ll be there again this year. If you are a songwriter, you should check this out.

From their web site:

The Future of Music Policy Summit 2011 will bring together incredible array of musicians, arts advocates, policymakers, technologists, media representatives and industry figures to discuss issues at the intersection of music, technology, policy and law. Attendees will examine current trends while looking ahead to a sustainable, 21st century music ecosystem that rewards creators and fans.

Your participation in these conversations is crucial to the future of music. Please join us at the most anticipated music-tech-policy conference of the year.