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How to make a living playing music

November 29, 2011

Print this one, frame it and post it on your wall. Or fold it up and keep it in your wallet. It’s a little long, but well worth your time. In this blog post Danny Barnes spells out some principles to live by. It’s clear he’s talking from experience.

I had not heard of Danny Barnes before, but after reading this post, I had to dig deeper. Now I dig his music, too.

Read the post and explore Danny Barnes and his music here.

Songwriting and the guitar

November 17, 2011

This article by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers in Acoustic Guitar magazine includes 21 songwriting tips from Paul Simon, Elvis Costello, Joni Mitchell, David Wilcox and others, as well as example videos and tabs.

Here’s tip 5, just to whet your appetite.

5. TUNE DOWN. Conversely, you can lower the tuning of all the strings a half step or a whole step to put the guitar into a less familiar range while still being able to play normal fingerings. When I was a beginning guitarist trying to learn “Yesterday,” I wish I’d known that Paul McCartney was playing in standard tuning down a whole step. Instead of wrestling, as I was, with F and Bb barre chords, he used easy key-of-G shapes that sounded in the key of F. Since then I’ve been repeatedly surprised to learn how many songs were written in lowered tunings, from John Fogerty classics (“Proud Mary,” “Bad Moon Rising,” “Fortunate Son”) to more recent tracks by Keller Williams and Ben Harper.

Read the full article here.

Major label artist makes 8 cents for every iTunes download

November 9, 2011

…according to federal court documents filed by attorneys for Chuck D.

Found on Digital Music News. Read the full article and see a similar chart for ringtones here.