The Joy of Repetition

Berklee College

Here’s a songwriting lesson disguised as an interview on audio production. Doug Orey, Online Student Advisor at Berklee Music, interviews Stephen Webber, musician, composer, DJ, record producer, studio designer, and professor at the Berklee College of Music on the topic of Music Production Analysis.

Among many other gems in this 40 minute video are some examples of songs and artists that use repetition creatively. As part of his riff on repetition, check out the discussion at 14:35 on the ‘trust’ hormone that is produced in very intimate human relations and when singing.

Click here to watch the interview:


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One Response to “The Joy of Repetition”

  1. Jon McAuliffe Says:

    Some thoughtful stuff here. Didn’t agree with everything Webber said, but he suggested a couple things I hadn’t thought about before. Good points to think on when you’re in the midst of recording or mixing.

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