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Demand for jingle writers

March 19, 2013

Musicians cash in by composing ad jingles

From the LA Times: Demand for ad jingles turns L.A. songwriters into music factories

An increasing number of ad agencies are seeking original compositions for their commercials, helping boost the fortunes of Los Angeles musicians and composers. Commercial-music licensing is a booming business, as advertisers, filmmakers, TV producers and others use pop songs to gloss their products. But licensing pop songs can be quite costly. So an increasing number of ad agencies are looking for original compositions for their commercials.

That has meant songwriting jobs for Los Angeles musicians and composers who are writing jingles while waiting for fate to turn them into rock stars.

“It used to be that you got called a sellout. But times have changed,” said Casey Gibson, a musician who has been paid to write jingles for Purina dog food and Columbia Sportswear commercials. “I’m actually proud of the fact that I’m able to make a living being a creative person.”

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